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Wednesday 30 November 21:15 FutsalTraining Match in Globus 1

Futsal at 21:15 in Globus 1, Gudrunsvej 3 , 8220 Brabrand

Hi Dear Players, members and supporters,

Wednesday 30th November there will be a training/match in Futsal (Indoor Football, 5 people against 5, with goalkeeper). 

We are going to train at 21:15 ( start training 21:30, please come at 21:15, we'll play only 1 hour half and we would like to use all the time for play) in Globus 1 (Gudrunsvej 3, 8220 Brabrand) 

Buses to Globus 1, are numbers 15- 4A- 113 bus stop is Tjnesvej v. City Vest.

We remind to all new players/members (and old ones that don't pay) that it's necessary to pay in order to sign up and play with Polis Multietnic. 

There are 3 payment options: 

1) 500,00 DKK full year (12 months, until 30th November 2017) 

2) 350,00 DKK to play the a season (6 months, until 30th April 2017) 

3) 25,00 DKK for a single training/match

Everyone is welcome! We would also like to remind you that our association's goal is integration between people by sport and culture.

Members may be of all walks of life, regardless of gender, religion, political ideologies and geographical origin.

Fonte: Integrating People through Culture & Sport

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