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Wednesday 07 December 21:15 FutsalTrainingMatch in Globus 1

Futsal at 21:15 in Globus 1, Gudrunsvej 3 , 8220 Brabrand

Hi Dear Players, members and supporters,

Wednesday 07th December there will be a training/match in Futsal (Indoor Football, 5 people against 5, with goalkeeper). 

We are going to train at 21:15 ( start training 21:30, please come at 21:15, we'll play only 1 hour half and we would like to use all the time for play) in Globus 1 (Gudrunsvej 3, 8220 Brabrand) 

Buses to Globus 1, are numbers 15- 4A- 113 bus stop is Tjnesvej v. City Vest.

We remind to all new players/members (and old ones that don't pay) that it's necessary to pay in order to sign up and play with Polis Multietnic. 

There are 3 payment options: 

1) 500,00 DKK full year (12 months, until 07th December 2017) 

2) 350,00 DKK to play the a season (6 months, until 07th June 2017) 

3) 25,00 DKK for a single training/match

Members may be of all walks of life, regardless of gender, religion, political ideologies and geographical origin.


Fonte: Integrating People through Culture & Sport

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