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Names squad for match n.6 between Polis Multietnic-Vejby IK

?rhus Denmark ? The coordinators has named a 11-players squad (1 goalkeeper, 2 Right Wingbacks, 2 Central Defenders, 1 left Wingbacks,1 right Wing 2 Central Midfielders & 2 Forwards ) for Friday 29 April 2011, match n. 6 between Polis Multietnic-Vejlby IK at the Stadio L?ss?esgade Skolen- L?ss?esgade 24,8000 ?rhus C (kick-off 18:00):

The "players" above will meet at 17.10 in L?ss?esgade Skolen- L?ss?esgade 24,8000 ?rhus C.

Goalkeepers: 1 Simone Franceschini

Right Wingbacks: 11 Giovanni Ferraro (Captain)

Central Defenders: 6 Paolo Santucci De Magistris 5 Sebastian Nyga

Left Wingbacks: 3 Abderrama Boundaoui

Right Wing: 2 Roman Sati

Central Midfielders: 10 Bosco Banane 4 Mircea Marian (Deputy Captain) 8 Nikolaj Kndusen

Forwards: 13 Jos? Leurino 14 Ruggero Antonich

The "players" above will meet at 17.10 in L?ss?esgade Skolen Buses to L?ss?esgade 24, 8000 ?rhus C are numbers 1, 8, 9, 11.

Since we're Polis Multietnic it is very important that everyone has the opportunity to play, therefore there is a minimum playing time for each player of 15 minutes, this is irrespective of their technical skills, but it is important that each person gives their maximum commitment on the field.

For friends and member that wants to support the Polis Multietnic , the match will start at 18:00.

We'll try to win but mainly we'll try to have fun...

Animoooo and Forza Polis Multietnic?

Fonte: Polis Multietnic

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