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Polis Multietnic


 About Us

The Polis Multietnic is a cultural sports association formed by people from different regions in Italy and different countries worldover; Iran, Germany, England, Denmark, Brasil, Marokko, Sweden etc.

The name is chosen for several reasons, first of all Polis in greek means city and Polisportiva represents the many sports interest of the team besides the football. Multietnic represents the thousand cultures that one finds in this team and in this city.

The team colours, blue, white, red and green, are the colours of the four ancient districts of Florence; the city in which the Polis Multietnic is born. Florence is a place in which different etnic groups can live together and enrich the sports and cultural property of us all, in respect of the florentine history and traditions.

Everyone can be member of the association in disregard of gender, religion, political ideas or geografic origin.

The association and the culture of the team are born spontaneously, though througout the years it has become an association acknowlegded by the state, it even has  with its own constitution.

The goal is intregration of people through sports and culture.

Besides the growing succes of the team, (13th May 2005 Championship Winners Series D and Promotion in Series C2  Futsal(5 a side Football) - F.I.G.C. ),  the most important result remains the creation of an united and strong group, formed by members from allover the world, who play with joy and whose only goal is to be together and to create friendships.

The Polis house is in Via Coluccio Salutati, reknown for famous partys and barbeques.

Polis Multietnic Via Coluccio Salutati,61– 50126 Firenze tel. 0556814957cell.3473908063

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